Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Philadelphia, PA Summer 2010

I'm extremely excited to share some exciting news with each of you. Summer 2010, Make Your Name Great ("MYNG") Academy will be coming to Philadelphia. June 2010 will mark our three year anniversary and I am most excited to launch our second chapter in my hometown.

MYNG Academy first launched in June 2008 at the Westside Branch Y.M.C.A., Atlanta, GA. MYNG Academy is now a two (2) week summer program strategically designed to provide program participants with examples of the day to day challenges and experiences of college students, while developing the student's leadership and social skills. This is accomplished through scholastic sessions (African American History/Literature); College Life Skill Workshops (Networking, Conflict Resolution, Creating/Maintaining a Budget, etc.); Community Service and Social Outings. Whereas, this is a focus group launch, Summer Academy will be approximately one (1) week.

How can you help? I'm glad you asked!!! We are currently searching for a location (community center, church, conference room, etc.) to house our one (1) week Academy, recruiting students and other resources (free breakfast/lunch, SEPTA fare, passes to recreational activities, etc). If you have ANY information or contacts that you can pass along to assist in the process it would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, you can sign up as a volunteer for this summer (facilitator, chaperon, administrative assistance, etc.). Lastly, always feel free to visit our donations page ( and contribute to our organization.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and support. It is greatly appreciated.

Working to Make the Names of youth Great,

Ms. "G"

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