Monday, June 28, 2010


As the launch of MYNG Summer Academy in Philadelphia draws closer I want to take a moment to "SHOUT OUT" all of the wonderful people who have been working to assist with planning, phone calls, emails, internet searches, letters, applications, requests, the curriculum, lesson plans, student recruiting, marketing, etc. In this recession that has many people stressed, overwhelmed, overworked and under paid I count it a privilege to have those that are willing to donate their time and services to MYNG. I wish our organization could repay each of you for the dedication that you have shown, but I believe that your kind gestures will come back to you. I tremble at the thought of calling names and forgetting someone, but I have to take a moment to say thank you to a few people.

Mom Dukes--What can I say? Office manager, Senior Coordinator, Secretary, P.O. Box pick-up person, fund-raiser, motivator, encourager but most importantly Prayer Warrior. I could NOT have done ANY of this without you. You are my "ULTIMATE RIDE OR DIE CHICK"

K-Natile--Marketing/PR person, midnight hour proofreader/editor (lol), facebook updater, but most importantly CONSISTENT BELIEVER IN MYNG

Kami--the "digit dialer"...thanks for all the phone calls. The baby will arrive in November with great phone etiquette:-)

Kidada--thank you for the pep talks, sermons and encouraging words. Most importantly thank you for VOLUNTEERING to fly across five states to assist with MYNG Summer Academy

Keba--How could I get through this curriculum without you? Thank you for working in the summer when the school board says you don't have to:-)

Buffy--the $ Lady. Raise those funds!!! Raise those funds!!! Raise those funds!!! Thank you for doing what you do best!

Principal Jones/Puddin/Dr. Proctor/Ms. Gail/Ms. Jo--thank you for your individual efforts that contributed to student recruitment. There would be no MYNG without any students. THANK YOU

Rev. McDuffy/Mr. Holts and the St. Paul family--thank you for giving MYNG Summer Academy a home.

Even if I did not call your name, if you made a phone call, sent an email, donated financially or simply said a prayer, from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the students that will benefit, THANK YOU!!!


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